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The high extra earnings of celebrities and the resulting displacement of others at the expense of my time....

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 Subject:  Create tokenism or do serious planning; what now?

Date:    Mon, 19 Dec 2016 13:37:52 +0100

From:    Ursula Sabisch


Free English translation on 9. September 2021. 

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Mr Wickert,*.

If you and others are really interested in a plan and thus need financial means for your children's charity, then you should first deal with reality.

This is exactly what you and your kind can achieve on my various homepages.

In short form:

End hunger, wars and abortions worldwide, because only then can my person claim her financial resources as an allowance and thus become more capable of acting.

Convert and furnish castles of the world as ordered etc..

Prepare world travels also for my person, etc..

Attention: On 13 December it was reported on the radio news that children were also burnt alive in Syria /Aleppo!

My person should have you and your kind incapacitated, because this has nothing to do with a man in the house, you silly, spoiled stupid brats, you who continue to have letters of request formulated instead of finally educating yourselves!

Ursula Sabisch

HP: Those who have collected the money should finally make a good start as a role model in the matter and in the commission and not create any more token functions!


Excerpt from the Internet:

The Solution is Education!

Education ensures that girls can lead a self-determined and protected life and later earn their own income. In the long term, however, a school-leaving qualification helps even more: because every girl who passes on her knowledge and experience to her environment, also as a wife and mother, influences and improves the future of her country.

Your Plan sponsorship helps to ensure that girls do not become "easy prey"!

That is why I ask you: By sponsoring a girl with the children's relief organisation Plan, you increase the chance that she can be better cared for, protected and well educated.

Kind regards, Yours

Ulrich Wickert

Ulrich Wickert, Book author & Plan sponsor


Indeed, education is a basis of life for every individual, which can ensure the survival of mankind and could make a future worth living possible for all!

Start right now and also educate yourselves on the Internet through  the various homepages of my person!

January 2017*

Das PARSHIP-Verfahren im großen Stil