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Ursula Empress, Ruebenkoppel 1, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To the

Commissariat of the German Bishops

Catholic Office

Hannoversche Str. 5

10115 Berlin

Germany, Luebeck, Sunday, 2 June 2002

Free English translation on 8 September 2021.

Jan. 2017* This letter is now almost 15 years old, but it should not lose its accuracy in the matter.

The German-language document you may find here!

Business Trip

Dear Sirs!

As your Empress could see from the New Church-Newspaper of the Archdiocese of Hamburg, our Pope John Paul II recently toured Azerbaijan and Bulgaria as an ill, infirm head of the Church to fulfil the duty he has through his Petrine Chair.

It was the 96th visit abroad and the seventh trip to the Eastern Bloc in three years, and probably not the last.

But it could also have been the last papal trip, because such exhausting obligatory visits could have caused us to lose our pope, only to have another elected to take his place.

It is high time that you start thinking for yourself like a man and act accordingly so that the greatest possible security of all people worldwide is ensured.

The safety of the Pope has a very high priority, because in the opinion of your Empress he is the rock** on which the Lord wants to build his Church.

Your Empress has been* of this conviction for years, as some letters can prove, and yet you let things take their* course.

Today's First Reading of the Good News of the 9th Sunday in the Cycle of the Year reads quite clearly and unadulterated: "Behold, I set before you blessings and curses", so that each one can and must decide for himself or herself what to do or not to do.

According to your Empress, in the matter and commission of the Lord, of which you have long been informed, it means as much as that the outcome of the matter and commission has not been determined, but is made dependent on whether the way of the Lord, which your Empress knows, is followed or whether the house will collapse if it is only built on sand.

A wise man builds his house on rock, so the Lord will also surely have determined his rock.**

You will probably have understood that your Authorities are also irreplaceable, but that your Empress is much more mobile and flexible than our Pope.

You will know that your Empress pursues a different line than our Pope, since my person will also have the necessary means to be able to enforce this line.

You will know that your Empress must not stab the Pope in the back and also does not want to do, but that this one line, which must be enforced, is the only right way, so that for a future there can and must be only one Church, one culture and only one head of the Church.

It is not desired that the Pope should be called untrustworthy or a liar by these claims to power of your Empress, or that your Empress should come into renewed burdens of proof, so that you must act as mediator between the Pope and the different Churches as diplomats* and no longer manage with such a high risk, whereby then primarily the Pope will pay your bill.              

Suggestion of your Empress:

It was very often the case in history that the Emperor consulted the Pope and certainly that the Pope consulted the Emperor.

Since your Empress cannot command the Emperor, but may advise him, in the opinion of your Empress the Emperor should personally go to the Pope with a trusted male companion, protected and secured, and bring as help a physician who has the prescribed universal remedies.

Either one believes in miracles or one believes only in oneself, which would be very shameful!  

Just as the Emperor has officially taken up his office and has sufficient knowledge of a very old written legacy of the Lord and Creator, his official journey should lead to Rome, for the Emperor's first statement in the OZD's evening school for adult education, through an answer given by Her Empress to his class, was: Rome!

P. p. 

Jan. 2017 *It is probably more appropriate at this advanced stage that you and others will get your sick butts in the right direction very quickly!

Had you and others not spent your time, some things would still look different and the tone of my person would also be different!

 Business Trip

It was very often the case in history that the Emperor consulted the Pope and certainly that the Pope consulted the Emperor.

If it is not possible for the Emperor to make this journey, then it will have to be my person who should travel to the Vatican with a companion!



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