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An die                                                  

Botschaft der Vereinigten Staaten

von Amerika

10117 Berlin 

Luebeck,  2002, June Thursday 27th        


Free English translation. The German-language document you may find here!

Country of the Unlimited Possibilities


Dear Americans!

Many people of you will already have noticed that your whole nation is a problem child of your Empress.

You are the country that no boundaries knows, unfortunately in every respect, so that you intrigued the whole world into your boundlessness and in the Americanism.

Your Empress only can reduce this cause, if she knows the way around these spheres and if she can recognize from what direction such a wind blows and comes.

It is a question of guilt, however according to the opinion of your Empress always the states are guilty, which are able to see that another nation does not move on the ground of the facts anymore. 

This guilt, in what a state is in, must not be the arm power or the terror as solutions for others as often it is understood from people from very strange cultures.

The final solution for the question of guilt and the obligation as a result of it is a homogeneous culture, which is already fixed.

To show a clear difference between the culture in the USA and Germany or Austria apart from your language, which includes a clear mentality, your Empress has to put the wheel of history into reverse  about forty years in order.**fifty)

Nowadays there is only the difference that a manic German or Austrian is standing "under" an American as a recognized prominent figure.

And now your Empress is at the topic number one, in fact at the controlled psychologically society, which embodies your country as the top rider again.

Just yesterday my person watched an American feature film via TV, in which the title roles were engaged with two children.

It were two particular talented and intelligent children, who however you destroyed thereby and also their actual live as a result. 

The boy has become world famous in the meantime, who now believes himself presumable to be a superman. If one already earns million dollars as a child, then normally a child grows up only as a twisted faulty person, who cannot get satisfaction anymore.

It was particularly noticeable that these two more likely pretty children showed swollen lips; the girl was equipped with it, by what nearly the impression resulted that someone helped along a little with silicone or other synthetic.

A film which showed women with swollen lips was also faded up as an advertising interruption.

It is right, because the lips of many women have become small and also the features are pulled down, what had been different for each of these women in former days.

A woman who had been very beautiful can be recognized, if one can interpret the features of a person rightly.

Your Empress can even more than only interpret features. She can recognize that you and other people confuse easily swollen lips with the genitals of a woman.

You confuse not only the genitals but quite obviously also your backside as a showing card for your existence and your status, because you must fundamentally present you also from the back.

According to the knowledge of your Empress also animals are based at the backside of its vis-à-vis.

This behaviour requires an especially processing with a psychiatrist, if you make eleven-year old children popular in this form.

What kind of women and mothers do you have actual in your country?

One can recognize by your feature films that an American woman must be a rigged silly goose, because the voices of your actresses are normally synchronized as a kind of quack- or prattling voices.

Also the man’s voices pass in the direction of the Donald Duck voice, however these films catch on in Germany.

Also we have hosts and entertainers, who are quite on equal rang in  this  way.

Also the French films often are synchronized with these prattling voices, at which your Empress presumes not a nastily intention behind it, separate a controlled high audience rating will stand behind it.

Now you as women and mothers raise your daughters up like people, who must absolutely attract attention and should fall from the frame.

You wish a great name for your child; it should perhaps become a princess or even a queen. You wish contentment and luck for your child and already destroy your children in very young years by such society ideas.

You may leave your beautiful children to the public, so that particularly the older men are losing their orientation also particularly with respect to their own children and grandchildren and by it the normality and naturalness.

These losing of the orientation also pull along the young men, by which the young man has no man as a model and as an image, who stands firm.

A right man puts on his members and beats his daughter`s or his wife`s bottom, if they would like present them in the public.

Those were the days, there was a lot of laughter at such a father or husband, if the woman was him danced on the nose.

Today a father or a husband feels himself as a glamour boy, if his wife or daughter presents her before others.

Now the women cackle and screech, their features change, the voices change, the woman loses her own safety and can also loses the orientation.

In Germany in an advertised manner on TV becomes BALISTO, a chocolate bar, an example when a woman gets to another woman into the bathtub to having a bath with the comment of the other feeling now.

That is the quittance, if you give your children free to the public.

A woman, who gives her child to the public, will feel confirmed by it as a woman, yet the mother in the woman is hardly still available then. That has no more a lot to do with a mother; that child is a product of a woman, who not knows any limits and probably never has learned before also from these limits.

Your Empress will not deal absolutely with the young people but with the parents of these "products".

Too, your Empress will deal with the entire psychiatrist community and will send the ones there, where the place of a psychiatrist has to be.

The people, who removed them completely and left the society by alcohol and drugs have to be accompanied with the most part of this so-called profession as a psychiatrist now.

That is the final result of a society, which is psychologically controlled by the extensive possibilities of the Media, whereby at the end the person was subject and must look up a psychiatrist then.

Now also your country has to reclassify and must be acquainted with manpower.

Your Empress expects that also your country may still set up men as well as there surely are still women and mothers, who will hold the position.

Your Empress would like to inform you farther about my person, that she has annoyed with it, that your president G. W. Bush attended our Pope and used that reason for it to report the Pope from his Roman Catholic fallen priests and bishops.

He sat opposite the Pope like a clean man with cross legs by which the Pope held on his head while he was shaking it.

Start with the clearance of your "pigpen" and then you may sneer at the so-called clerics, who you rationalized away yourselves even by your life philosophy, so that you will dig your own grave at the end!

You have a green ………………………


Too, the English will become still acquainted with life.

Your Empress lets it open for you and for others, till the time has come to slap with her Cudgel into the hollows of the knees, then at last you and others will know where do you belong, namely to the knees!

On behalf of


Establish a connection between your King Juergen to be able to be changing the sides, because it is better to be controlled by an insider than by a "psychiatrist" from outside...........


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