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Ursula Sabisch, Meesenring 4, 23566 Luebeck, Germany

To all

States of  Earth


Germany, Luebeck, 2010-03-02


Making, making, building up high and higher......................

Please, let that German language document be translated in the most important languages of earth and be handed over to the right places at once!

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I watched via Internet the well-known regarded buildings of modern times, which reflect one culture that had never been before.

By means of these buildings the posterity can recognize clearly what will become from people, who are out of their minds and any more master of their senses!

The imaginative "bollocks" has one or several names and the world already goes round only for this reason!
The craving for feeling of success and the relevant power feeling made from you, who are called to account for such an insatiable waste, in clear and sharp words "cock steered idiots", which any more can note, that the raw materials were designed no more for this but for coming generations for a long time!

Here on God `s earth you have no self-service shop; one individual, a group or a state community does not own that, what is under, what is on or over the earth, because the earth is the base of life for all living beings, at which the forests, lakes, seas and the atmosphere are included!

You misappropriate „property" of coming generations for a long time and create places of work in this way at the expense of the environment and the stability of the earth!
Also the recycling costs a lot of river and burdens the environment and therefore the health, especially if it is about metals, chemical substances and gases.

You wanted to be aiming high with your skyscrapers and if possible, making the paradise onto earth, what cannot be disclaimed, nevertheless you forgot that you already sit on a powder keg especially there, where the oil and the gas is to be gotten by dishonest means.

You did not want to learn and already supply discount shops with high-quality heavy metals and light metals and offer these products for the knockdown prices, because one gets these good conditions of the bulk purchases by the mass, or even not?!

Are you out of your minds, aren`t you?? How many motor vehicles and especial cars do you still want to produce?

Now the working places for the workers will remain but the activity will have to be changed!

That what you as present persons in charge have done must be documented in the history books for the posterity of coming generations, so that such a worldwide roguery cannot be repeated anymore.

You did not want to learn, did you? How many precious writings do you still require?

You as "rascals" will now take care of it, that those material is brought again back to its destination, what means, that for example a cast-iron pan is brought back into the iron mine and ore mine, there for you and other may learn in this way, that one takes nothing away from coming human beings, what belongs to next generations, especially even not from those ones, because they cannot defend themselves!!

Did the geologists of our time able to find and engage also such an insatiable waste craving and exploitation of the earth by our ancestors or did our ancestors still know that other generations should follow?

Did our ancestors are so much cleverer than all of us, didn`t they?

How could it happen that the intelligence of a man became steerable so easily???

If now material or fuel is used or required, you and every other state have to ask at the correct place, because the world does not own by you and you are not a God, who is over a human being and may perform his power!

Should you as present head of state or government committee not bear obediently, your name, your function and your religion affiliation then comes for example into one of these above mentioned iron mines and ore mines or else in an oil rig in order to show the posterity, how ill and greedily individual persons were, so that coming generations will better know their ancestors!

You may believe me, that every one of these „nutcases" will get exclusively a street name, should these ones not see immediately their gross mistake and should they not control into the correct direction!

Ursula Sabisch


HP.: Another „resounding" writing follows about the „noble tarts" of our time, which is about a complicity in the control of a man and it also includes work procurement measures!

2011 May



Here on God `s earth you have no self-service centre; one individual, a group or a state community does not own that what is under, what is on or over the earth, because the earth is the base of life for all living beings, at which the forests, lakes, seas and the atmosphere are included!

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