World-Cultural-Heritage 2024

The World-Cultural-Heritage in 2024

Joint work

Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck

To the Royal Staff &

King Juergen & Emperor Diethard


To the European Union


To the White House

Washington DC

Luebeck, 4 June 2024

The German-language document you may find here!

Sometimes you can't see the forest

for the trees!

Brief summary through joint work on the matter!

Dear Readers, Ladies and Gentlemen of the End Times,

As we can all hear or see in the current news, the world's disasters are clearly gathering pace and will almost certainly not be able to change direction. The complete opposite will be the case!

Of course, as an Empress or as a good observer of the weather situation and the earth, you can clearly see that the available resources and food will not be enough for humanity for much longer, especially because extremely expensive wars have to be financed additionally and uselessly, which put an additional heavy burden on the environment through the overexploitation of the earth and the production of the weapons industry.

Who is actually imposing these high costs on humanity? Who is? And who will have to foot the bill directly due to the lack of vital resources on a grand scale when the coffers are empty everywhere?

It will be the people in the war zones and it will be the poorest of the poor in Africa and Asia who will first be threatened in life and limb by the lack of relief supplies and drinking water, as in the foreseeable future most countries in the world will have emptied their coffers due to the increasing number of illnesses and people in need of care as well as ongoing disasters. 

If you take a look at the political scene, you are truly amazed that the pensions or salaries of the population in Germany, for example, are even increasing, possibly in order to achieve a higher tax rate and a higher contribution to health and long-term care insurance, even though pensions can no longer be taxed.

Basically, this is just a shift in reality, because the increases in payments to the end consumer have to come from somewhere, which will certainly not be borne by an employer who is struggling with competition or rivalry from all sides!

The state is the paying member at the end of the chain and if the state does not make sensible savings in one place or the right investments elsewhere, it will soon be broke!

The heaviest burden of mankind is hunger in the world, which must be alleviated immediately by travelling to the areas of the population where the dry zones or floods have also been caused by climate change. 

There, we can come up with something meaningful on the ground that will ultimately enable the population to earn their own bread and work in a sustainable and future-orientated way. 

This is done, for example, by loosening the hardened soil using expensive equipment, which ensures that the farmers and the population in Africa can soon be self-sufficient thanks to the necessary irrigation systems and pumps. 

This and much more can be made possible locally by solar energy, whereby an interruption of the connection to the sun or the shutdown of these solar systems would have to be taken into account, as this energy generation includes an unknown component.

Conversely, in the event of flooding, for example, huge basins or large wells should be built with rainwater inlets to provide water for cultivating the fields, which must of course be well secured to the ground so that children cannot fall in and drown!

The very heaviest burden of humanity is much cheaper, but also more costly to implement, as it is a worldwide measure, namely the ending of abortions of unborn human life. This incalculable component of this irretrievable* act, which intervenes directly in Creation, must also be ended.

If these two great burdens on humanity cease to exist as soon as possible, then the way will be clear for a possible future and for a new beginning, in which the cost calculations for the essentials of human life become more manageable and affordable!

The way will be cleared to the extent that my person can also accept her pocket money and complete the announced cultural journeys, as already ordered, so that the arrival of super-dimensional life through UFOs can materialise, while at the same time ensuring the protection of the old and shaken earth. 

Of course, there are other heavy burdens on earth, such as the nuclear power plants, which also heat the waters or seas by cooling the fuel rods and thus of course also contribute quantitatively to the fact that the evaporation of the heated waters or seas will result in unnatural amounts of precipitation and flooding on land!

Here, too, engineers should come up with some ideas, especially if the reactors have to be shut down at short notice for safety reasons.

So the necessary investments of mankind should be well thought out and implemented as quickly as possible, also so that the cultural trips of many personalities can provide the necessary universal funds (TICKTACK) through the over-dimensional area by significantly relieving the health insurance and nursing care funds!

Of course, the whole enterprise in the matter and on behalf of the Lord and Creator is not explained in one or two sentences, but there is already a treasure trove or a precious electronically controlled visual book on the Internet, which will "represent an operating system" that no one can easily access, but which can still be expanded.

Of course, this system is dependent on various components and can only exist through certain connections and prerequisites, which can also be a burden if these possibilities are no longer available!

This alone makes it very clear that people, or rather humanity, must unite and stick together and not threaten, favour or disadvantage each other by force of arms.

There will be no winners through war, there will only be losers, because if people put obstacles in each other's way, but this way is unique at the end of time and there can be no other or better way for everyone, then every current ruler should start to think very carefully about life and the earth and get information about the above-mentioned matter directly on the Internet!!!

So I remain with kind regards

Ursula Sabisch, Empress

HP: It is not a matter of going it alone, but for safety reasons it should be a joint effort for each individual, whereby for natural reasons or by nature each individual is considered and seen! Of course, my person would not want to travel alone, but rather in good company!

Joint work