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Oil of the Orient

Perhaps you can do something important by your contacts to end the war in Syria for example.

2016/ Februar: There is a saying from the childhood of my person and this is also valid for you:

If you don`t want to listen, find out the hard way!

Oil of the Orient

Ursula Sabisch, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To the  SAT-Stations


Attn. Millionaires, Multi-Millionaires,

Billionaires and Multi-Billionaires

The Orient /Worldwide CC

Germany, Luebeck, 04 th of Nov., 2015

Luebeck, 18 th of Feb. 2016


Matter: ”It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.

 The German-language document you may find here!

Dear Rulers, Dear Gentlemen of the Orient,

Also particularly for you, the oil Sheikh from Arabia, and for you as Multi-Millionaires and Billionaires of the whole Orient, I would like to give all-important information and I would like to point out, the present FRG is not involved in this given information, because the FRG does not possess knowledge and the required possibilities.

As already in the abovementioned reference line announced, I would like to move you urgently to think seriously about your existence yourselves, and I would like to reach, that you can recognise as believers, how your real paradise or aim looks like after life!

I may assume from the fact, that also in the "Orient" goings-on will take place, which open you and other ones the eyes and I may assume, that a panic can be avoided, while information will reach by actions in the right direction on time, especially also from your side for the population of your country and for people of your neighbouring states.

It may not be true anymore in the 21st century, that a single person creates a paradise on earth and all other people, who cannot dispose of these means and possibilities, thereby must lead a quite hard existence or simply die prematurely.

The imbalance of the food and goods has developed too much, so that at the least now every human, who lives in overabundant, should ask himself why just he stands on the sunny side of life and why does not have someone else advantage!

I can give the explanation, however you are subject to other principles by your faith, so in order my person wishes, that you will answer this question for yourselves.

As an administration of an estate you have been born in this time and if you refuse this management of your accumulated property for projects for the public of your choice, then this is your decision and it is also your sole destiny, because at the moment the possibility is absent to activate the Cudgel of my person, that belongs to an unique fairy tale, which will come up to humanity.

How the fairy tale will end for everybody and together also depends on people of your culture, however, not only on people of yours.

My person can guarantee, that your paradise and the paradise of other cultures look like generally different than you and other ones have expected, because by strong psychoses, particularly of my person, this examination became possible.

However, my person cannot guarantee, that the Orient will be spared from heavy forces of nature, what could also become fatal, because of many oil resources, particularly if heavy earthquakes should arise.

That's why you should use the management of your financial means and the management of your goods for a well thought-out strategy in your country and also provide worldwide projects, which will protect life of each* people and the survival of humanity.

You as an individual human, have even more means at your disposal than you and your family need for life and this will become your and other ones disaster at the end, if you cannot understand or do not want to understand, why just you are appointed as an administrator; you can be quite sure, this is in such a way!!

Please, let this writing (the  German language one)  be translated several times and independently of each other let be sign from the respective translator, so that no misunderstandings may arise.

This English translation of the German writing is only an electronic translation and has been freely reworked by my person, so that the German-language writing, if possibly, should be translated into your first language.

With bests regards,

Ursula Sabisch

HP: Nobody of you can buy everything in life; first of all the most important things you have to earn honestly!

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