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Ursula Sabisch, Luebeck, Germany

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Germany ,Luebeck, 2008,  Dec. 29th

Christmas Writing 2008 / 2017

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Dear Sirs, Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Doctors, Dear Woman doctors,* 2016

Last Sunday it was sent via TV a performance as a live sending from the Spa Hotel in Baden-Baden, where the sportsmen of the year 2008 were honoured and celebrated, who had lined up for the BRD.

For some kinds of sports and therefore for some sportsmen, those were honoured in this year, it was among other things a question of strength matching, a question of fastness, a question of dexterity and  reaction, what also in this year was determined through competitions by a committee for a distinction.

The Olympic Games in China entered in this TV program of course and in this way were demonstrated different TV recordings, which concerned the top sportsmen in China.

It is a fine thing, if nations meet for sports from the whole world in order to go into the competition as sportsmen or to watch the competition as „compatriots" to spend an exciting time and beautiful time with each other especial then, if the Olympic Games are in a host country, that has another and unique culture, as many other nations all over the world, what applied in this year for the host country China.

Many hundred years ago there was already this way of people meetings and has been successful up to now, what is certainly useful for the people associations and peoples relationships, since especially at contemporary time, the beginning of the twenty-one century, accumulate the disasters and crimes in the whole world.

By the sportsmen and the events it becomes clear, that it can be moved and managed by endogenous energy something in motion, if the energy of the human body would be used as manpower, what became increasingly regressive in the capitalist states.

More and more ways and more and more movements are taken from us human beings by the progress of the mobile technique and the so-called pushing onto the button; nevertheless is the consumption of the foods not regressive for the individuals in the capitalist states.

Even it is the other way round, compared with the claims of the population in this regard since the year 1900 to 2008.

What in particular bothered me by that is the fact, that as a result we use sources of energy, by what the so-called greatest supposed reactor accident at a nuclear power station many people would be taken ill with Leukaemia and whole regions in the long term would be contaminated.

In addition the remaining nuclear fuel rod of atomic energy become radioactive waste and this waste keeps dangerous for a long time of at least 100 000 years.
What is very reject able and irresponsible too, that is the fact, that the use of atomic energy is not protected by a possible neutralizing of radioactivity, should it come to a breakdown.

Often a breakdown must not become generally known, because nobody knows whether radioactivity escapes from the power station, since radioactivity is invisible and it is not recognizable, where just now radioactivity has been located.

*Why is the radioactive radiation noxious?

Radioactivity is called the decomposition of atomic nucleus. Radioactivity is measured in Becquerel.

One Becquerel means that precisely an atomic nucleus decomposes precisely per second.Radioactive radiation almost penetrates every material and can cause Cancer in the body. 
The irradiated body cells cannot more divide themselves rightly. It may result in tumours, which grow into the close-by healthy tissue and destroy it.*

Source: Knowledge for Children / Technique Naumann & Goebel Verlagsgesellschaft Ltd*

And now we come to the point of this Christmas writing:

I am very annoyed about it, if I must watch and listen via TV, that more and more children fall ill with Leukaemia or Blood Cancer and nobody can supposedly explain that oneself, since none verified facts are available by carried out measurement in direct surroundings of the nuclear power stations.

As far as I know is radioactivity able to change the location through light winch or a gust of wind and spread out, so that of course radioactivity is in front of the location of the nuclear power station only very hard to locate or not to be proved.

Apart from it, it is known, that in certain areas, in the surroundings of the nuclear power stations, several children were fallen ill with Blood Cancer, so as if there in that area one “radioactive invisible cloud" has evaporated and by it particularly small children were endangered.

This period of life, in which a child as Cancer sufferer must defray radioactivity in common with its parents or its single  parent, whereby the child learns fighting for its life, forms presumably the child and its parents for the further life.

At the end the parents lose faith in God by the martyrdom and are no more able to give something the ill child, what the child requires actual its whole life, especially then, if the child must die!

This devil ring does not come from about, behind it is embedded a clevery devised system and serves the one, who can make his living by this illness in this case or by the healing, and/or by the successful development he gets a highly esteemed and gratitude.

That also serves that who earns money by the building of dying houses or hospital facilities* and a lot of people are offered a place of work or a task in a secured position thereby.

Too, via TV again the next big performance collects for the research and aid for Cancer ill children by the prominent persons of our time, like annually.

Then everybody want to or have to praise the „Gods in white" and the prominent people, however for the One, who pays the high bill actual for total everything, there no place or only a secondary place in the hearts of the children will be keeping free. 

Now the person, who helps on site comes to this place and that is mostly the doctor in hospital, but he should be actual the person who has to let research consistently and incessantly for the cause of Blood Cancer, since the doctor is acted at the end of this concatenation and he has got the result on eyes!

Helpers become heroes by the bone marrow donations or organ donations, what possibly they really are then, also the professional line or the honorary post in the field of medically assisted suicide are enlarged, in such a way, one expands correspondingly in the hospitals and one reorganized as required.

Destinies of the children as Cancer sufferer, heroes and „Gods in white" are demonstrated by the commitment of the prominent persons via TV, who can demonstrate themselves and in this way, everybody agrees with the TV programme again, because many people donate money for this good matter, since one presumably exists very much easier in this kind and manner, as if one sets up uncomfortable but right questions and urges to the right answers!! 

Do you all together are completely intellectual confused and how long should go on that in such a way?

When do you and other ones will begin to set up the right questions and when do you begin to search for the answers?

Who do you and other ones actual harm and through what do you and other bear complicity?

How we and other nations of earth will be able to come back again to a normal mark of luxury and comforts, without the facts, that the bill becomes so high for energy, especially for children and for following generations?

Why no doubt, we all together do not concentrate again on a source of energy, that at the same time do the body and the spirit well and that to this still is non-polluting?

It is the physical strength of mankind what is not to find in the specialist literature as a source of energy anymore, however many centuries ago, it was the mark of prosperity, recognition and possession.

Why must so many people match with other people and use up their strengths by specific events, or why must so many people by jogging or by a visit to a fitness studio use up energy to break down fat for example, if on the other hand harmless sources of energy and places of work are missing, which are non-polluting, economical and cost-effective?

Please, do realize that bicycling will be at the top again of the means of transportation and do realize that the dishwasher does not belong in a household!

Please, do realize that the assembly lines will run no more in the factories, as well as the mass product is shut down by the productions, should in the final analysis nevertheless there is a possibility, setting up of this entire nonsense something reasonable, for what all preparations were already made.

As spectators or by the push of a button will that not be done; you and other people must move into a common direction, when you make your business for the task to bear worry for a future-oriented, homogeneous culture and that matter only functions probably, when one is thrown in at the deep end, that means, turn down the nuclear power stations from all sides, therefore power supply is reduced and exclusively the harmless and non-polluting sources of energy may be used.

Of course also this writing is about a possible and unique fairytale, whereupon it is noticeable that heroes occur in all fairytales of the world literature; without them the fairytale cannot turn out well!

Yours faithfully                            

Ursula Sabisch, Empress

There is sufficient knowledge about further carcinogenic substances, which however were not yet consistent taken from the entire international market up to now.

Even in the cosmetics or as a disinfectant for the export carcinogenic substances are used and that also know the entire worldwide medical professions, that know a lot of you and not only my person!

Notice: The cause investigation and therefore the cause abatement of diseases is to be assessed higher than the investigation according to possible medicine or treatments, since one is obliged as a human being and especially as a doctor to prevent a misfortune, if there is instead a possibility!

2011, May/ 2016 June

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